We foster our own culture of working by offering the best employee benefits packages as well as promoting autonomy on when and where we work.

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Financial Wellbeing

We share the company’s success and values, and support employee well-being.

Stock grant program (2021~2025)
A program for granting stocks worth 10M KRW annually for all employees.
Stock option reward (2020~)
A reward program for employees who buy NAVER stocks and retain them for 6 months, after which 10% of the purchased amount will be reimbursed by the company (up to 2M KRW annually).
Loan interest program
A program which supports 1.5% of the interest on the loan for 10 years in order to help employees purchase houses and budget living expenses (up to loans worth 200M KRW).

Time & Refresh

Our culture promotes autonomy at work because we know that our employees are able to focus and do their best work at different times of the day. Employees are encouraged to take time off to refresh, reset, and come back more motivated.

Connected Work 2023/24, ~2024.6
With Connected Work, employees at NAVER are free to work whenever and wherever they can stay immersed in their work the most, all based on “autonomy,” “responsibility,” and “trust.”
Employees may work anytime from 6 am to 10 pm on weekdays with no fixed time for coming to or leaving work, and can choose each year between “Type_O (Office-based Work),” where employees come to the office at least 3 times a week, or “Type_R (Remote-based Work),” where employees work remotely.
Employees may work outside of Korea for up to 4 weeks each year.
Workspace, accommodation (1 room per person), and meals are provided for up to 7 days for employees to stay refreshed and immersed in their work in a new environment. *Exclusive workspaces for employees - Korea : CONNECT ONE in Chuncheon, Global : BASE CAMP TOKYO
Getaway bonus
Employees are given cash bonuses of 50,000 KRW per day when they use 2 or more consecutive vacation days, which encourages them to take plenty of rest when they need to.
Refresh plus vacation
Employees are given 15 paid vacation days in addition to their annual vacation days when they work for 2 consecutive years to give them a chance to recharge.
Leave of absence for self-care
Employees can take an unpaid leave of absence for up to 6 months for self-development or recharge when they work for 3 or more consecutive years.
Recreational facilities for employees
Employees can stay in approximately 40 premium resorts operated on a membership basis in Korea

Work Space

We design our own office space because we know the importance of a quality workspace.

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Green Factory, NAVER’s first office building (2010)
Green Factory is an eco-friendly building that embodies the way NAVER works.
*Certified LEED Platinum, a global certification for eco-friendly buildings
1784, NAVER’s second office building (2022)
1784 is our platform for tech convergence, where we envision humans and robots working in harmony.
*The world’s first building to converge and connect technologies of the future, such as robotics, autonomous driving, AI and cloud
Chuncheon CONNECT ONE (2013)
A liberated and open space for employees to hold seminars, workshops and team-building sessions while blending into the natural landscape of Chuncheon.
A space dedicated for employees in Japan and NAVER employees on business trips to Japan, where they can stay for days while resting and working.

Work Tools

We provide the right tools to maximize employee performance.

Individual work tool budget
Employees may select work tools of their choice such as laptops, monitors, and tablet PCs, based on the nature of their work. NAVER offers up to KRW 7.2M as a budget for 2 years (which differs according to job category).
Ergonomic office furniture
NAVER has been providing Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair for employees since 2005, the first among tech companies in Korea. Employees can also use standing desks upon request.
12 studios equipped with professional tools are in operation for filming in NAVER’s office buildings

Meal & Snack

It gives our body the energy it needs to function everyday. We provide a variety of food to keep the conversation going.

NAVER’s cafeteria provides nutritious and hearty lunch and dinner everyday, free of charge for employees.
Lounge 5
A lounge where popular restaurant brands serve their own food, with the menu ranging from Korean food and snacks to burgers, all with a special employee discount.
Cafes in NAVER’s office buildings serve coffee made by professional baristas, freshly squeezed juice made with seasonal produce, and freshly baked bread at an employee discounted price. A Starbucks store within NAVER’s office building even offers robot delivery.
A canteen on each floor offers an espresso machine packed with fresh coffee beans and food for a quick breakfast, including sandwich, kimbap, fruits and beverages, all free of charge for employees.
emart24 convenience store


We commit to support employees’ pursuit of excellence and provide opportunities for both career and business growth.

Individual work budget
3.6M KRW worth of individual work budget is provided to each employee annually for higher productivity.
NAVER service pass
An all-in-one package provided to employees allows them to get first-hand experience of NAVER’s different services, worth 1M KRW in total annually. (NAVER Pay, NAVER Plus Membership, Webtoon, VIBE, MYBOX, SERIES ON, Audioclip, Knowledge iN eXpert, etc.)
Language learning
Up to 2.4M KRW is provided to employees for learning foreign languages as a way to enhance their global mindset.
Onboarding program
A 3-month program helps to closely support new hires as they get adjusted to a new environment by sharing the company’s philosophy and NAVER’s way of work, with 1:1 mentoring, peer networking, and new hire training provided.
Opportunities to learn within NAVER
Different opportunities for individual learning and growth are provided within NAVER, including tech share, engineering day, meetup, S&B share, and leadership programs.
Opportunities to learn outside NAVER
Employees are fully funded for participating in conferences, forums and academic conferences.
Communities within NAVER(Club Greeny)
Employees are provided 360,000 KRW annually when they create and participate in employee communities to share interests and hobbies or to study.
Long-service award
Commemorative gifts are awarded to employees for their 10 years and 20 years of service in recognition of their continued support for NAVER’s growth.
Scout reward program
Employees are paid up to 5M KRW when they recommend talented individuals to join NAVER, as a way to encourage them to recommend outstanding talents and to act as mentors.
Open Career Chance (OCC)
Employees are given opportunities to transfer to a different organization within NAVER, exploring chances to pursue a new path in their career.


Our full potential can be realized only with a sound body and mind. We provide quality medical care ranging from prevention, to treatment and health counseling.

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NAVER CARE, NAVER’s in-house medical clinic
This onsite clinic provides a full range of healthcare, including disease prevention, building better habits and managing chronic conditions. *Departments: family medicine, rehabilitation medicine, otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), urology, specialized counseling for healthcare examination, physical therapy
Medical expense insurance for employees and their families
NAVER provides the highest level of support for medical expenses and diagnostic fees (surgery cost, diagnostic fee for cancer and cerebrovascular disease, etc.) for employees and their families.
Comprehensive medical examination
Medical examination is provided annually for employees, with the examination provided for 1 additional family member every even year.
Approximately 30 hospitals have been designated for medical examination in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, Busan and Daegu, including Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Samsung Medical Center.
Counseling and therapy
With affiliated treatment centers, the cost of therapy will be supported so that our employees can take care of their mental health.
(10 therapy sessions a year will be provided free of charge, while 10 or more sessions will be charged with 80% of the cost covered by NAVER.)
24-hour medical help line
A service offered 24/7 over the phone for health counseling, recommending doctors, and booking an appointment with a specialist doctor.


Family is your safety net and your biggest support system. We would like to help you to build a better safety net.

6 regions around the Seoul/Gyeonggi metropolitan areas(as of 2023)
Great daycare centers where the safety of children are ensured until late hours (open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.)
Congratulations and condolences
We send our congratulations and condolences along with allowances and allow our employees to take a leave for significant events such as marriage, the 60th birthday of a family member, childbirth and death of an immediate family member.
Open Saturday
A regular event is held to invite family members and acquaintances of our staff members to the office building in order to experience NAVER’s culture.
Holiday gifts
NAVER Pay points (or gift certificates) worth a total of 400,000 won are given to all staff members during the Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok).
Lend employees a room with the best view in the office building for free (1 ceremony per day).
Parental leave
In addition to the legal requirement of 1 year, employees can apply for paid parental leave for an additional year, up to 2 years in total.
Family care
Employees can take unpaid leave of up to 90 days for family care.

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