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Our full potential can be realized only with a sound body and mind. We provide quality medical care ranging from prevention and treatment to health counseling.

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NAVER CARE, NAVER’s in-house medical clinic
Clinicians and physicians serve patients in NAVER’s onsite clinic (area: 991.74 ㎡) in order to take care of employees' health and well-being. NAVER CARE provides a full range of healthcare tailored to the patient’s needs, including disease prevention, building better habits, health counseling, physical therapy, intravenous therapy and managing chronic conditions. Our employees can seek care quickly and receive accurate treatment and diagnosis whenever they feel sick at work.
Medical expense insurance
NAVER provides support for medical expenses for employees and their families. Besides medical expenses, the cost of inpatient/outpatient hospital care, surgery cost, diagnostic fee for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and cancer, disability income and death benefits (including death due to illness and accidental death) are also covered.
Comprehensive medical examination
Medical examination is provided annually for employees, with the examination provided for 1 additional family member every even year. Approximately 30 hospitals have been designated for medical examination in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, Busan and Daegu, including Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Samsung Medical Center. One day of paid leave is provided on the day of the examination so that our employees can take a rest after the examination.
Counseling and therapy
With 5 affiliated treatment centers, the cost of therapy will be supported so that our employees can take care of their mental health. Employees can get help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, child rearing and marriage problems, and choose among online therapy, in-person therapy, phone therapy, text therapy, etc. 10 therapy sessions a year will be provided free of charge, while 10 or more sessions will be charged with 80% of the cost covered by NAVER.
24-hour medical help line
NAVER’s staff members can receive health counseling, ask for prescriptions and to recommend hospitals, and consult about medical examination results over the phone from our medical staff anytime of the day.

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